Silica Sand Processing Equipment

Silica sand has to be processed into uniform size and shape for additional applications. To attain this uniformity the sand is run via a processing plant. The plant will crush, wash, dry, sort, and retailer the sand.


Silica Sand Processing Equipment in German

The raw materials for processing silica sand commonly are extracted from open pits of naturally occurring quartz-rich sand and sandstone. The mined rock is transported for the processing web page. The material then is crushed. According to the degree of cementation, 3 stages of crushing may be necessary to create the desired size reduction. You will find quite a few distinct kinds of crusher machine involved in sand production. Gyratory crushers, jaw crushers, roll crushers, influence mills and cone crushers are used for key and secondary crushing.

After crushing, the size with the material is further lowered to 50 micrometers or smaller sized by grinding, making use of ball mill, raymond mill, autogenous mills, hammer mills, or ultrafine mills. The ground material then is classified by wet screening plant, dry screening machine, air classification machine, and dried by drying plant. SBM has been specialized in crushing and processing technologies for extended history. According to experienced practical experience, we created comprehensive range of high quality silica sand processing plant in German. Please contact us for extra data.

Silica Sand Processing Operation

Crushing plants are usually composed of a principal crushing unit and a secondary crusher with a screen plant. A mobile crushing unit is brought towards the mine and is placed close for the blast region in order to lessen the distance the shot rock needs to be hauled to become loaded into the crusher. Bigger mines might have a permanently placed crushing plant.

The sand is washed to eliminate fine particles. Washing is accomplished by spraying the sand with water because it is carried over a vibrating screen. After washing the sand is then sent to a surge pile exactly where significantly on the water adhering towards the sand particles infiltrates back in to the ground. From the surge pile the sand is sent towards the dryer and screening operation. The sand may be dried by feeding it into a big rotating drum.