Rutile Sand Mining Process

In rutile sand mining process, the valuable mineral sands are only a small portion of the total ore removed from the mining area, ranging from 0.5 to 35 percent. Rutile sand can be mined by open pit quarrying or underground mining method. Mining operations include the mining, crushing, grinding and washing of rutile, and ore handling and processsing plant.


Rutile Sand Application

Rutile, when present in large enough quantities in beach sands, forms an important constituent of heavy mineral sands ore deposits. Miners extract and separate the valuable minerals (typically rutile, zircon, and ilmenite). The main uses for rutile are the manufacture of refractory ceramic, as a pigment, and for the production of titanium metal. Finely powdered rutile is a brilliant white pigment and is used in paints, plastics, paper, foods, and other applications that call for a bright white color.

Rutile Sand Mining Operation

Mining of mineral sands is conducted either wet or dry. Wet methods are generally preferred for large tonnage, low clay orebodies. Dredging with a bucket wheel and suction is one of the lowest cost options for this method. Dry methods employing earth moving equipment (self-elevating scrapers, bulldozer traps, truck and excavator and front end loader) are used to excavate and transport the sand to a feed preparation section. Variations to these methods involve different means of transporting the dry-mined sand: either by pumping or the use of conveyors.

Rutile Sand Mining Equipment for Sale

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