Double Stage Four Roll Coal Crusher

SBM builds Single Roll Crushers, Double Roll Crushers, Triple Roll Crushers and Quad Roll Crushers, with various models of each style. SBM's heavy-duty fabricated steel frame style, abrasion-resistant steel plate liners and easy-to-maintain components imply decades of productive service.


Double stage four roll coal crusher in India

Roll Crushers use a mixture of compression and shear force with as much as four crushing rolls to lower many different friable components, including coal, salt, coke, gypsum, potash, lignite, trona, lime, limestone, glass, phosphate (and several other individuals with equivalent characteristics) to a desired sized-cubical product with minimum fines. Roll Crushers are not intended to crush tricky rock for example granite or basalt where Jaw Crushers, Cones and Impactors are applied.

Horizontal crushing rolls are supported via the steel roll shafting by roller bearings. A Single Roll Crusher crushes against a curved plate; a Double Roll Crusher is created to crush against two opposing rolls; a Triple Roll Crusher uses a single roll mounted over a double roll as well as the Quad Roll Crusher is designed using a double roll mounted more than a further double roll. Both the Triple and Quad Roll Crushers present two-stage reduction. According to India coal production desires, the double stage 4 roller coal crusher made by SBM is welcomed by nearby contractors and bring high income to them.

SBM double stage four roll crushers are created for secure operation with exposed moving elements guarded. In case of jamming or plugging from the rolls, under-speed detection de-energizes the electric motor. Options involve:

  • Heavy-Duty, fabricated steel frames;
  • Abrasion-resistant steel plate liners;
  • Alloy-carbon steel shafting;
  • Spherical roller bearings;
  • Cast iron or steel crushing rolls and segments;
  • Automatic spring and toggle tramp relief;
  • Product size adjust ability;
  • Zoned lubrication manual or automatic.

Four roll coal crusher rewards

SBM's double stage four roll coal crusher in India occupies high quality and advanced technologies and the crusher brings high income towards the neighborhood contractors. Out there in single, dual or 4 motor drive based on crusher model and application. Utilizes gear and pinion, chain and sprocket or interstage belts to transfer roll rotation.

  1. Standard Duty: Utilized inside the two-stage reduction of clean coal, salt, coke, glass and also other equivalent components.
  2. Medium Duty: Utilised inside the two-stage reduction of harder coal and feeds containing medium hard shale as well as other equivalent material.
  3. Abrasive Duty: Used inside the two-stage reduction of hot, abrasive feeds, including sinter, iron ore, coke along with other related components.
  4. Super Duty: Made use of in the two-stage reduction of ROM coal and other related material containing moderate percentages of medium to difficult refuse.