Density Separator for Gold Ore Processing Plant

SBM can offer contractors the good quality gold density separator machine to all the contractors. SBM density separator machine for gold ore processing plant can separate raw supplies with various magnetic rigidities. The machine works under the magnetic force and machine force. The density gold magnetic separator is made to recover ferromagnetic components.


Density separator machine for gold ore

The separators are available in designs and sizes to supply options for all applications. The heart of each separator is definitely the magnetic program with its exclusive style, which features a verified record of high efficiency.

The density gold magnetic separation machine can be processed in either a dry or wet involvement, though wet systems are more typical. Magnetic separation operations can also be categorized as either low or high intensity. High intensity separators use fields as robust as 20,000 gauss. This method is made use of to separate weakly magnetic gold minerals, for instance hematite, from nonmagnetic or much less magnetic gangue material. Since hematite is fairly decrease magnetic compared with magnetite, High intensity hematite magnetic separation machine is applied for hematite beneficiation. Other variables significant in determining which sort of magnetic separator program is used include particle size and the solids content material on the ore slurry feed.


  • 1. Short magnetic circuit;
  • 2. Little magnetic flux leakage;
  • 3. High magnetic intensity;
  • 4. Low energy consumption;
  • 5. Fine beneficiating final results;
  • 6. Simple structure and simple to retain.

Gold ore beneficiation technic

The gold ore is existed in unique forms of magnetite, hematite, goethite, limonite or siderite. There many beneficiation techniques for distinctive sorts of gold ore in line with the properties: gravity concentration; magnetic separation; flotation; electrostatic separation and agglomeration. Despite the fact that the literature suggests that all these approaches have been used to beneficiate gold ore, global gold mining business indicates that milling and magnetic separation would be the most popular procedures utilized. Gravity concentration is seldom used at existing U.S. facilities. Flotation is primarily utilised to upgrade concentrates from magnetic separation by reducing the silica content material from the concentrate.

Gold Ore Processing Plant Supplier

SBM, the world leader in gold mining and beneficiaiton technologies, has created all kinds of mining machines to fulfill the mining production needs. Incorporating the latest crusher know-how, SBM density gold separator for processing plant combines the highest crushing efficiency and finish item top quality together with the lowest per ton production expenses. Take a closer appear at the SBM crusher, you might be sure to seek out SBM crusher ideally suited for your desires.