Cheapest Iron Ore Processing Equipment

Iron ore is generally mined in the form of one of two different minerals. The first mineral is hematite, and the other is magnetite. To begin mining iron ore, a geological survey must first be taken of an area to determine whether substantive deposits of either of those iron ore minerals are present. The geological survey also determines the best method for mining the mineral.


How is Iron Mined

Most iron ore that is extracted today is mined using open-pit surface mines. It is possible, however, to mine iron ore in underground tunnel mines. Most deposits of it simply don't make doing so practical, especially when it is much easier and less expensive to operate a surface mine. SBM provides consulting service about iron ore processing business plan, and cheapest iron ore processing equipment mining machine for sale.

Iron Ore Processing Operation

Iron ore processing typically involves the mining of ore from either open pit or underground mines; the crushing and grinding of iron ore; the separation of valuable minerals from raw material through various concentration steps; and at some operations, the drying, calcining, or pelletizing of concentrates to ease further handling and refining.

The number of crushing steps necessary to reduce ore to the proper size vary with the type of ore. Iron ore may require as much as a tertiary crushing. After final size reduction, the beneficiation of the ore increases the concentration of valuable minerals by separating iron from the matrix rock. The separation methods applied include magnetic separation, gravity separation etc.

Cheapest Iron Ore Processing Equipment

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Crushing Plant

Crushing may be performed in two or three stages. Primary crushing systems consist of crushers, feeders, dust control systems, and conveyors used to transport ore to coarse ore storage. Primary crushing is often processed by a jaw crusher or gyratory crusher, which can handle larger rocks. Secondary and tertiary crushing is accomplished by impact crusher or cone crushers.

Grinding Mill

Grinding is the last stage in copper comminution. In this operation, ore particles are reduced and classified into a uniformly sorted material between 20 and 200 mesh. The often used copper grinding mills includes ball mill, raymond mill, vertical roller mill, high pressure mill, trapezium mill, ultrafine mill etc.