Vertical Roller Mill

Vertical roller mill is a new ultrafine grinding equipment based on using the latest technology in Taiwan and Germany, the roller separator technology, independent design and development. Set ultrafine grinding, grading, transportation in one of the ultra-fine vertical milling machine, LUM vertical roller mill has become the first choice for ultra-fine milling industry.



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The development of vertical roller mill

According to the production experience, generally speaking, the two vertical roller mill in use will produce a large amount of waste residue, which will cause the atmosphere and rivers can not be repaired damage. In particular, when the vertical grinding machine grinding high-strength products, the industrial pollution is more than two-like grinding produced by pollution, this time need industrial vertical grinding help.

The Environmental protection type vertical roller mill is the product which carries on the improvement based on the common ground mill work loss high, this product in the work when the heat and loss of the bit rate into the power of the machine to run, so that the loss of heat as energy, so that energy loss reduction, the realization of recycling, which for the micro-powder industry is two of huge innovation, Also has great value to the circular economy. At the same time, environmental protection type vertical roller mill wear and steel consumption are far lower than the ordinary vertical roller mill, because of its grinding surface and roller will not occur direct contact, the disc lining and roll surface are using high wear-resistant materials, so environmental protection type of vertical grinding service life is relatively longer.

vertical roller mill application in power plant

Vertical roller mill is the most important mining machinery and equipment, it has a wide range of applications, such as metallurgy, building materials, chemicals and mines. Then you know it can also be used in power plants to handle cinder.

The study confirms that in actual production, the coal cinder composition of the power plant contains a special material which can be used. At present, it has been able to make good use of industries in many fields, such as cement and building materials. The slag can be mixed into cement by micro-powder grinding, the new cinder cement can be used to manufacture high-strength building materials bricks. This kind of building brick surface is smooth, smooth, and has the strong compression, the breakage and the corrosion resistance and so on the performance. Because of low cost, the market space is very large. These measures not only solve the waste of resources, at the same time for coal enterprises and cement industry have solved very big difficulties, and greatly improved the work efficiency.

  • High level of environmental protection: vibration and low noise. Overall sealing equipment and work under negative pressure, no dust spills, clean environment, environmental requirements than the national standard;
  • Low cost of inputs: equipped with automatic control system, which enables remote control, easy to operate. Using PLC / DCS automatic control of the roller pressure control, precision grinding pressure control, without manual operation;
  • Economic good: long Separator principle, and each rotor frequency control are used, the grinding fineness can be realized within the selected range, you can do the second sorting, without the presence of low-grade material. Ultrafine grinding and long separator principle, in the production of the same fineness grades, compared with other mills, saving 30% to 50%, excellent cost;
  • High grinding efficiency: Host speed with frequency control is widely used in a variety of materials. Grinding roller sleeve and liner specially designed curve than ordinary vertical mill is easier to form the material layer may be grinding to a product fineness required. The use of mechanical and electronic double limit protection device, effectively prevent the roller sleeve and disc liner in direct contact, avoid destructive impact and severe vibration.





Wheel diameter(mm)




Capacity (t/h)




Fineness 400~650Mesh




Material Size(mm)


< 10






Main Motor Power(KW)








Classifier Motor Power

15 KWx5

15 KWx7

15 KWx7

LUM vertical roller mill is widely used in chemical, metallurgical and non-metallic mineral industries.

Applicable materials: Mohs hardness below 5, the density of 3.2 or less, compressive strength 150Mpa following, non-flammable mineral, non-corrosive materials brittle granular and powdered materials. Such as limestone, calcite, talc, barite, dolomite and other non-metallic minerals.