Raymond Mill

Raymond mill, also known as Raymond or tilting Mill, is a company in the past produced some extent, can replace the mill's efficiency, the use of closed-loop high fine milling equipment. Raymond mill is composed by the host, analyzers, blower, finished cyclone, cyclone powder and wind pipe. Among them, the host from the rack, inlet volute, blade, ground cover composition.



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Development trend of Raymond Mill

With the increasing calls for energy-saving and environmental protection, the traditional raymond mill want to make a firm foothold to innovate and improve. Therefore, energy conservation and environmental protection as a new trend of the development of Raymond Mill, to the direction of energy conservation and environmental protection, the equipment reform, take the road of innovation and environmental protection. In terms of production links, the old version of the Raymond in operation and production will more or less dust and dust, so that the health of the operator has been maintained, and the surrounding environment has caused a certain degree of pollution, so energy-saving environment-friendly raymond mill is the trend of the times.

Energy-saving environment-friendly raymond mill through continuous innovation and scientific research to become a powerful assistant to the development of environmental protection, in the industrial field, Raymond Mill's use is very extensive, in each enterprise production occupies a very important position, from the equipment itself, the new generation of energy-saving environmental protection Raymond Mill in the mill production or cost investment, have done the Acme, The most important is to pay attention to environmental protection, so in the increasingly high environmental protection now, energy-saving environment-friendly Raymond Grinder development prospects will be very good.

How does Raymond Mill improve production?

First, we need to understand the production process of Raymond Mill: grinding process and the process of wind selection.The production bottleneck of grinding process is mainly: the angle problem of the shovel knife, the sealing problem of the grinding roller assembly and the wear degree of the vulnerable parts. First of all, the angle of Raymond's shovel blade is a crucial issue, some Raymond mill manufacturers easy to overlook this problem, Raymond grinding shovel blade position some of the high, some low, so that the shovel blade shovel material can not be accurately sent to the grinding position, this greatly affected the production of raymond mill.

Secondly, the sealing problem of grinding roller assembly is directly related to the normal use and normal production of Raymond Mill. If Raymond grinding roller assembly can not effectively implement the seal, then the assembly inside very easy to enter the powder, after the powder into the Raymond grinding Assembly will be easy to break down, and often broken, so that the normal production will bring serious trouble. Xinyuan machinery Development of the latest assembly using similar mechanical seal principle, the use of heavy oil seal and progressive 0-gap seal, the effect of unanimous recognition of the community.

The last is the wear-resisting degree of the easy-wearing parts, if the fragile parts (that is, the grinding roller and the grinding ring) adopt the ordinary carbon steel, then it will soon wear off, so raymond mill manufacturer's production costs will increase, maintenance rate will increase, we recommend that customers use high manganese steel quality Raymond grinding roller and grinding ring.

  • Compared with other milling equipment, through screening rate of 99%;
  • Machine for the vertical structure, small footprint, systematic, from raw materials to delivery to rough milling and final packaging, self-contained independent production system;
  • Raymond host gearing and pulley using sealed gear box, transmission smooth, reliable operation;
  • Electrical system with centralized control, nobody can achieve the basic milling plant operation and maintenance;
  • The important parts raymond Mill are made of high quality castings and profiles manufacturing, sophisticated technology, rigorous process to ensure the durability of the equipment package
Model YGM8314 YGM9517 YGM4121
Roller Quantity(pcs) 3 4 5
Roller Diameter(mm) Φ270×140 Φ310×170 Φ410×210
Ring Diameter(mm) Φ830×140 Φ950×170 Φ1280×210
Rev   130 103
Max.Feed Size 20 25 30
Discharging Size 1.6-0.045 1.6-0.045 1.6-0.045
Capacity 1.2-4.6 2.1-8 5-11
Machine Size 5300×4100×5200 7100×5900×7900 9200×7250×9700

Raymond mill adapts to small and medium sized mining, chemicals, building materials, metallurgy, refractory materials, pharmaceuticals, cement and other industries and fields, were grinding materials processing mining products, such as gypsum, talc, calcite, limestone, marble, barite, dolomite, granite, bauxite, iron oxide red, iron ore and so on. Its processing of materials in the product fineness 613 microns to 440 microns (0.613 mm -0.44 mm), through joint action analysis machine and fans can meet different requirements of users.