Construction Waste Crusher

  • [Production Capacity]: 30-550t/h
  • [Motor Power]:37-630kw
  • [Applicable Materials]: limestone, feldspar, calcite, dolomite, talc, barite, kaolin, gypsum, graphite and other materials.
  • [Application Scope]: Chemical industry, metallurgy, Mining, highway construction, Water Conservancy, construction gravel and other industries.


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Product Introduction

Construction waste crusher is the absorption of advanced technology at home and abroad, combined with the domestic sand industry specific mining conditions developed into a new type of crushing equipment. The construction waste treatment equipment has the advantages of strong operation stability, reliable work, strong carrying capacity and high handling capacity.

Price of construction Waste crusher

The increasing seriousness of urban environmental problems has created favorable conditions for the benign development of construction waste treatment equipment, and more and more people are investing in construction waste recycling projects, and construction waste crusher is invested in construction waste treatment plants, which is a project that many people in our country want to try. As a necessary equipment to deal with construction rubbish, mobile crusher plays an important role in promoting the utilization of construction waste resources. Construction waste crusher price, structure, performance, characteristics, manufacturers, such as instantaneous has become a concern of people. How much money is required to invest in a construction waste disposal facility, where the best manufacturer of the construction waste disposal facility is, and how the benefits of investing in the project have become a hot spot of concern.

SBM as a construction waste crusher manufacturer, through its own practice to the community to prove that the equipment has sufficient capacity to waste the construction waste, fly ash, waste slag and other solid wastes to treasure, and the production of new lightweight wall materials, lightweight aggregate concrete hollow block and lightweight aggregate concrete brick, tile and other products. The environmental protection materials, which have been processed by construction waste treatment equipment, have been tested by practice, this kind of "treasure" formed wall material by virtue of light weight, high strength, earthquake resistance, thermal insulation performance, good processing performance, construction convenient, reduce the weight of constructions, green environmental protection, high quality and low price, and so on, and constantly win social trust, and become a popular demand in the construction market. With recent years of independent innovation and product optimization, SBM has been able to produce the largest production capacity of 500 tons of construction waste production line, and the company's product quality and import equipment gap is gradually narrowing.

Maintenance skills of construction waste crusher line

Construction waste crusher manufacturer said that during the use of environmentally-friendly construction waste crusher, it is important to constantly check the lubrication points of the equipment, to make a table to record the situation of each check. The lubrication condition of the bearing of the environmental protection construction waste crusher equipment is the key inspection object, we must pay enough attention to it. construction waste crusher manufacturers stressed that regular inspection of the lubrication of bearings and the height of the oil, but also to see the quality of lubricating oil and is not too much water, when found problems must be resolved in time. It is worth noting that the inspection of environmental protection energy-saving construction waste crusher line lubrication, the user every four hours.

In the use of environmental protection and energy-saving construction waste crusher production line after a period of time, to check the use of the device's fastener, see if there is a loose phenomenon, if the phenomenon of loosening should be fastened in time. Check the equipment lubrication points are not the phenomenon of oil spills, if there is a need to adopt the corresponding measures to solve, to prevent more serious consequences. In addition, the vast number of users, in order to environmental protection and energy-saving construction waste processing production line, must keep the uniform speed, and during the period of time to observe the equipment nesting situation.

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